How do I shop at COPIA

Browse through our products, select the items you wish to order, choose the desired .

1. Your Shopping Bag
Here you will see a list of items you have selected along with the price and quantity information. On this page, you are able to added more quantity, or remove a product from your shopping bag. If you wish to browse and or purchase other items before finalizing your order, click CONTINUE SHOPPING. If you are already satisfied with what you have in your shopping bag and ready to make the purchase, click CHECKOUT.

2. Your Billing details
To proceed your shopping journey, we will require you to SIGN IN. You have to fulfill this section with your address and other personal information, you can also select your payment system. Kindly review once again and read our disclaimer. If you agree, tick the I AGREE box and click PROCEED TO PAYMENT. A confirmation email will directly be sent to your email account.

3. Payment
A summary of your order, contact details and payment destination account will appear. Please kindly wait our staff to confirm your order by email or message before make a Transfer to our BANK.
Maximum confirmed time 1×24 Office Hour, our staff will contact you for instruction.

What is a confirmation email ?
A confirmation email acts as an invoice, and consists of post-order information you need to know to finalize your order, basically our ACCOUNT NO. and your ORDER ID. Kindly transfer your payment to one of the accounts specified in the confirmation email. After completing your payment, please notice our staff with your proof of payment.