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Rp 195.000

Treat someone to our elegant and fresh flavour with this brilliant value bundle of Hello Lilac goodies, beautifully boxed and ready to gift.


  • Hello Lilac Fragrance Mist

Bring yourself to the beautiful garden where flowers bloom feel fragrant fragrance with shades of nuance that envelop the core of powdery floral smell of white lilac then let you lull in softness.


spray at a distance of 20cm from the skin, spray slowly until the product is absorbed by the skin.


  • Hello Lilac Body Wash

This shower gel is gently cleaned with the scent of lilac with fresh lilac, and a touch of warm fragrance. Aroma Fragrance, Dew Refreshing and cleansing Free detergent.

Use with Lilac flower product in a Lilac flower arrangement.


For use in the bath, pour into the hands or sponge or flannel and massage gently onto the skin.


  • Hello Lilac Body Lotion

This soft moisturizer will moisturize and gently scent your skin with a fresh lilac scent.

Use concurrently from a series of Lilac flowers to create their own aroma.


Apply gently and massage to the skin after bathing or when needed.


  • Hello Lilac Bath Bomb

Bath accessories to soak with an effervesent effect that will remove the color and aroma when exposed to water.

Can be used unit or mix more than one bath bomb to produce beautiful color in your bathtub!


  • Purple Net Scrubbers

Bath accessories that can produce a lot of foam and lift dead skin cells.

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